märch is a café and multiple-use space for better living. It offers a variety of “tools for living,” such as stationery and tableware, as well as food. It is a special space, surrounded by trees, where guests can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city (in the future). It also occasionally hosts events to bring joy to lives of its patrons.


märchには喫茶部と雑貨部、にぎわい部があります。3つのTHE SPACEに雑貨部、各種催し(にぎわい)が入り、それぞれで物販や展示、イベントなどが行われます。

märchの由来 / ORIGIN

In Okinawan dialect, “march” (マーチ/māchi) means pine tree. The name “march” comes from the large Okinawa pine trees that grow onsite.